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This place is my family’s go-to when our primary care doctor is closed. They are quick, through, and friendly. I always feel cared for no matter who the doctor is. They are in a great location and have good hours. They also call in subscriptions asap, which is great for picking up medications before going home. Try them! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Aden W.

The nurse and Dr. Saucier were great and made the family feel comfortable. I brought the Ukrainian family we are sponsoring and their 1 and 6 year old sons had been sick. They felt comfortable there and we were pleased with the service we received!
Mitzie C.

I had 2 visits in the last 5 days and I was very grateful for the short wait time and the caring and professionalism of all the staff. I felt like they really cared about me and what I am going through.
The receptionist was pleasant and extremely patient with me because my voice was almost gone and I could barely speak.
Eve D.

This is a wonderful service provided by Dr. Deere. If his office can not see you on the same day you can go to his walk in clinic. All your information and insurance is on file from his office. Even if you don’t use him as your doctor use this service!! All doctors should provide this. Staff was wonderful!!! It puts quick care to shame!!!
Betty M.

Went into get my annual flu shot. Registered and within I called to the back. Quick in and now. Christy was very quick and told me to relax and breath. Helped me relax. Always a very friendly and helpful place. Thanks
Debra S.

Went into First Care on my lunch break and had an awesome experience. Was able to get in and out very quickly and had the best care from the receptionist to the practitioner. Nurse was awesome. She administered injections and I was on my way. Will definitely return. Thanks FCB
Shay F.

This is our “go to” for quick care. It’s affordable, we are usually in and out fairly quickly. If needed the prescriptions are always called in quickly. Dr. Saucier is always polite, he listens and provides wonderful care!
G. M.

This was my first visit to First Care Bossier. The staff was very friendly. They worked quickly and efficiently. I was very pleased with the attention and care given to me.
Sabrina H.

This was my very first time to use quick care. I received excellent care . Everyone was friendly and caring. I will definitely go back. Many Thanks to All.
Sidney W.

First care of Bossier is a top notched place. The staff, nurses and doctors are very polite and very professional at what they do. I went to them Wednesday and they had me in and out in less than 30 to 45 minutes. I again appreciated they way the take of people.
Tony S.