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Minor injuries like cuts and burns often require expert assessment and treatment to ensure you heal properly and don’t develop any infection. If you suffer a minor injury that requires medical attention, the experienced providers at First Care Bossier can help. The practice has offices in Bossier City and Stonewall, Louisiana, where you can receive prompt treatment for minor injuries, including stitches for open wounds. To get help with a minor injury, call your nearest location today, book an appointment online, or simply visit the walk-in clinic.

Minor Injuries Q & A

What are minor injuries?

Minor injuries happen all the time, causing damage to the skin and soft tissues. Examples of minor injuries include cuts, abrasions, burns, and bruises. Minor injuries aren’t life-threatening but often require expert cleaning, dressing, or stitching to ensure they heal properly.

First Care Bossier treats all types of minor injuries. As well as routine appointments, the practice provides a walk-in clinic for acute care.

What kinds of minor injuries might I get?

Some common types of minor injuries include:


Cutting yourself when using a knife or other sharp tool is something most people experience at some time. You can often care for these wounds yourself by cleaning them thoroughly and applying a Band-Aid® or small dressing. However, if you can’t stop the bleeding or the wound is deep enough to see the underlying tissues, you should seek medical assistance.

Puncture wounds are particularly hard to clean and liable to become infected. They also carry an increased risk of tetanus infection, for which First Care Bossier can give you a booster shot. Splinters and animal bites can also cause wounds that require medical care.

Burns and scalds

Burns result from contact with fire, a stovetop, or other sources of dry heat. Contact with an open electrical circuit can also cause burns. Scalds are burns that happen when hot liquid spills on your skin. Burns and scalds are typically very painful and prone to infection and could lead to the formation of unsightly scar tissue.

Fractures and dislocations

Fractures (broken bones) and dislocations (separation of the bones in your joints) are common injuries. Severe compound (open) and comminuted (fragmented bone) fractures require hospital treatment, but fractures and dislocations can also be minor injuries.

Examples include hairline stress fractures and simple cracks or breaks in the bone that don’t require surgical realignment.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries can affect anyone who’s physically active. Common examples of sports injuries include muscle and tendon strains and sprained ligaments.

First Care Bossier also treats patients with workers’ comp claims if you injure yourself at work.

How are injuries treated?

The treatment your minor injury requires depends on the type of damage and how serious it is. Your provider can assess your injuries, and the practice has on-site X-ray facilities to check for problems like broken bones.

Fractures need immobilization with a cast to keep the bones in place while they heal. Sprains and strains might need support and protection as well, in the form of a splint or brace. Wounds, burns, and scalds require cleaning and dressing, and some cuts may need stitches.

Whatever type of minor injuries you or your child suffers, First Care Bossier provides prompt, expert treatment and aftercare. Call the practice, book an appointment online, or simply go to the walk-in clinic today.

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