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Hemorrhoids are a common problem with several effective solutions. If you’re living with painful hemorrhoids, the experts at First Care Bossier in Bossier City and Stonewall, Louisiana can help. The team provides non-surgical treatments to resolve troublesome hemorrhoids. Find the right treatment for your hemorrhoids by calling your nearest location today or booking an appointment online.

Hemorrhoids Q & A

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are veins on or just inside your anus that have become swollen with blood. They can be painful, highly sensitive, and are a common cause of rectal bleeding.

Internal hemorrhoids develop in your lower rectum. You can’t see them, and if they remain in the anal canal, they might not cause too many problems other than occasional bleeding. Sometimes they prolapse, protruding through your anus and becoming more of a problem.

External hemorrhoids are those that form in your sensitive anal tissues. You might be able to feel these hemorrhoids, and they’re likely to be itchy or painful. Hemorrhoids sometimes develop blood clots that feel like hard lumps. These thrombosed hemorrhoids can cause severe pain.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are most likely to be a result of excessive straining when you’re on the toilet. Pushing hard to move your bowels puts too much pressure on the anal veins, which stretch and fill with blood.

You shouldn’t need to strain when moving your bowels, but you might be if you frequently get constipation (dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass). You can also get hemorrhoids when you’re pregnant due to the pressure of the growing baby.

What should I do about my hemorrhoids?

Mild hemorrhoids sometimes get better without requiring treatment, especially if you address constipation by changing to a high fiber diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting regular exercise. Soaking in a sitz bath a couple of times a day can help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Medications like codeine sometimes cause constipation, so it’s worth checking with your provider at First Care Bossier whether you need to make any changes.

If your hemorrhoids persist or are severe, your provider can assess them and advise on the most appropriate treatment.

What treatments are available for hemorrhoids?

There are several ways to treat troublesome hemorrhoids, including:

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation is a simple approach to treating hemorrhoids. Your provider at First Care Bossier cuts off the blood supply to the affected vein by wrapping a rubber band around the base of your hemorrhoid. The treated area then shrivels up and falls off about a week later.


Sclerotherapy involves injecting an irritant solution (sclerosant) into the hemorrhoids. The sclerosant makes the walls of the affected vein collapse, sealing it off so blood can’t access the vein.  


Coagulation hardens and shrivels hemorrhoids using laser or infrared energy.

Following treatment, your hemorrhoids should go away; however, if you continue to strain when having bowel movements, you could develop new hemorrhoids.

To get relief from painful hemorrhoids, call First Care Bossier today or book an appointment online.

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